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OptiPack AB is a dynamic packaging developer who is known for high-quality, service and delivery security.

We produce packaging prints & barrier solutions with the latest technology

OptiPack AB is a dynamic packaging developer who is known for high-class quality and service as well as our secure delivery security. We print, convert and refine packaging materials and offer the latest technology in HD flexo on paper and paper laminates for the food and pharmaceutical sector as well as for industry and transport packaging. Our production is in Sunne and our customers are mainly in the Nordic region

HD flexo - quality above all

Developments in Flexotryck have made it possible to produce at the highest level. HD-Flexo is a technology that we work with, but we also follow developments closely to always be at the forefront.

HD-Flexo in collaboration with new technology in paint and separations provides endless possibilities for an attractive packaging print.

Color Management.

Color management refers to the process of achieving a predictable color result between two or more color units (eg between a computer monitor and printer to simulate the finished print result. To make color matching between color units possible, ICC is used today). profiles, which describe the color characteristics of colors, respectively. In order to achieve repeatable results during and between production runs, the “fingerprint” must be run under normal conditions – at the correct production speed, with adjusted ink and pure aniloxes. to simulate the right paper quality and be able to make correct color corrections of the images on the packaging.


EGP – Expanded Gamut Printing is printed with CMYK + OGV. By adding Orange, Green and Violet (OGV), the range of colors increases and more efficient production is achieved. OGV is used instead of switching between many different PMS special colors. EGP – reduces materials and energy consumption in the printing process when compared to traditional printing where PMS inks are used.
The success is to print only with process colors CMYKOGV. As a driving force in this production method, OptiPack has made it possible for brand owners to achieve a more environmentally sustainable result for packaging printing – More sustainable.


With a predictable result every time – simulated on your own surface! OptiPack can offer a selection of proofreading systems. All our proofs are made with profiles so quality and colors are guaranteed every time.

Safety & Hygiene

In order to be able to produce good results and secure deliveries, our work environment is one of the most important issues for us. Our employees must feel safe at work. We also have hygiene certificates for our production so that the customer’s products are also safe.



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Today, OptiPack AB is a leading player in the Scandinavian packaging market, we provide the market with high-quality products, high service, state-of-the-art technology, long experience and stability. Our main market is Scandinavia, where we supply food packaging, transport packaging and products to the construction industry.