How we think about the environment

Towards a sustainable and bio-based society

The basis for OptiPack’s operations is primarily our renewable raw material: the forest.

In order to be able to switch to a sustainable and bio-based society, it is crucial that we reduce the need for fossil raw materials and energy sources. Based on paper that comes from the growing forest, we are constantly working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and bio-based society. We do this by offering high quality bio-based packaging materials to people all over the world. With increased demand for the products that are our pride – renewable, recyclable packaging that contributes to reduced waste and a sustainable society.

Our environmental work must be based on a long-term commitment and environmentally conscious staff. OptiPack should be perceived as a company with a genuine environmental responsibility. We must help to minimize and reduce our share of the negative impact on the environment through continuous improvements and prevention of pollution. Our efforts are mainly focused on three main areas: emissions to air and water, waste, energy.

Excess energy

We try to utilize excess energy that arises in the process efficiently. Our business is based on ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, FSSC 22,000 and FSC® C134807 certifications. Our work to review and improve working methods to reduce our environmental impact is ongoing.



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Today, OptiPack AB is a leading player in the Scandinavian packaging market, we provide the market with high-quality products, high service, state-of-the-art technology, long experience and stability. Our main market is Scandinavia, where we supply food packaging, transport packaging and products to the construction industry.