OptiPack are specialists in packaging & packaging printing

We are specialists in packaging and packaging printing and have state-of-the-art machines that can handle up to 10 colors in full HD quality. Printing is done with food-certified water-based paint. Full HD printing guarantees the best possible resolution for image and text on the packaging. The latest printing technology means that we can offer the highest quality to our customers.

Our focus

Our focus is customer satisfaction and climate-smart packaging. We constantly strive for close cooperation with the customer, and with our flexible and customer-oriented organization, we will be the obvious choice for customers and be a preferred packaging partner in Scandinavia. Our environmental work must be based on a long-term commitment and environmentally conscious staff.


Safety issues are at the top of our agenda to ensure that our employees have a safe and secure workplace. Also that we produce safe packaging solutions for our customers through high hygiene requirements throughout our process with certificates and annual reviews of our work.

Quality & Environment

As part of our environmental thinking, we use the latest modern technology and optimized packaging solutions. A well-planned packaging with optimal raw materials results in a packaging that protects the product, in this way unnecessary food waste is reduced. We offer our customers barriers made from traditional and renewable resources. By offering this, we can reduce our impact on carbon dioxide emissions. In the long run, when technology and raw materials are developed, we hope to be able to offer products with 100% renewable content.

We use excess energy that arises in the process efficiently and our goal is to one day become self-sufficient in energy. Our operations are governed by certified management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, FSSC 22,000 and FSC® C134807. Our work to review and improve working methods to reduce our environmental impact is ongoing.

We produce packaging prints and barrier solutions with the latest technology

Developments in Flexotryck have made it possible to produce at the highest level. HD-Flexo is a technology that we work with, but we also follow developments closely to always be at the forefront.



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Today, OptiPack AB is a leading player in the Scandinavian packaging market, we provide the market with high-quality products, high service, state-of-the-art technology, long experience and stability. Our main market is Scandinavia, where we supply food packaging, transport packaging and products to the construction industry.